Screen Protectors

Protect your 7, 9 or 10 inch tablet from scratches with the Visual Land Screen Protector. Don't risk permanent damage to your screen when protection is just a click away. Our self-adhesive screen protector is specifically designed to prevent damage from happening while maintaining its full functionality.

7 inch compatible with: Connect 7, Prestige 7/7L/7G, Prestige Pro 7D, Prestige Elite 7Q/7QL, FamTabs

    9 inch compatible with: Prestige Pro 9D, Prestige Elite 9Q, Prestige Elite 9QL

      10 inch compatible with: Prestige 10, Prestige Pro 10D, Prestige Elite 10Q, Prestige Elite 10QL

      • 2 screen Protectors included.
      • 1 Anti-dust/Scratch resistant screen protector.
      • 1 Anti Glare Screen protector.
      • 1 Cleaning Cloth
      • Easy to install/remove, no sticky residue left behind
      • Made specifically for Visual Land tablets.